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New photos up from last weekend

Published on September 27, 2005

I’ve just quickly posted some new photos from the past weekend, namely the vineyard in season, a nearby cemetery, and the downtown area. I’ll be changing the header image on the site soon to be from this batch (instead of May) and I’ll probably mirror the photos here but for now, find them at: [...]

Great progress

Published on September 25, 2005

We made some great progress this weekend!
* met with several photographers and are almost decided on one of them
* visited the vineyard in season
* visited the town square and roads around the vineyard
* got lots of pictures of everything (which I’ll post soon)
We also got to hang out with some friends, I got [...]

Wedding photography

Published on September 21, 2005

The main thing we’re hoping to accomplish this weekend is to nail down a photographer. We’ve been emailing a bunch of them and trying to find a half-dozen or so that fit the “we like their work” and “they fit the budget” categories and have a few good leads. A couple of other [...]

One year from today…

Published on September 9, 2005

… I will be marrying Michelle and I can hardly wait.
We were disappointed that we are in fact unable to go to CT this weekend. It just doesn’t make sense financially given the amount of time we’ll have there this weekend. What we’ve decided to do is spend the Sunday two [...]


Published on September 7, 2005

This friday it will be exactly one year from our wedding date. And to celebrate this very exciting occasion…. we are sitting in a smelly greyhound bus for 8 hours!!! Not as romantic as I had hoped for, but to be honest we are going on a bus to travel to Connecticut for the [...]