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secret secrets

Published on June 22, 2006

My veil arrived in the mail today. So I really really want to try it on and show it to someone to see if it looks ok. But Justin is the only one here right now… can the groom see the veil? Is there some rule saying he can’t, or does it get lumped into [...]

Next on the agenda:

Published on June 14, 2006

Ballroom was great!!! I loved it, and I think Justin tolerated it. It was fun just to try and play with it. I can’t wait til next weeks class.
On another note… we are heading back to CT this weekend. We both took Friday off so we could get more stuff done. I am hoping [...]

Yes, there will be dancing

Published on June 13, 2006

Michelle and I begin our ballroom dance lessons tonight. I’m sure I’ll have more to say after this has begun, but for now I am cautiously optimistic about my aptitude for this. Justin of ten years ago would not believe it. Then again, Justin of ten years ago did not know Michelle, so I’m light [...]


Published on June 5, 2006

Wow, I haven’t looked at where we are in awhile. And since I have today off, its another wedding planning day for me.
May Goals:
-Contact Musicians (Working on it)
-Order cake (Working on it)
-Appointment for engagement photos (scheduled)
-Rehearsal dinner arrangements (DONE)
-Florist appointments (scheduled)
June Goals:
-address invitations
-make/print fillers for invitations
-hair/makeup appointment
-contract with florist
-contract with cake
-contract with musicians
-engagement photos
-dress alterations
It [...]


Published on June 3, 2006

When do these decisions get easier… now its between elbow length or fingertip. Too many choices!!

Double Digits

Published on June 2, 2006

Its official, only 99 more days til we get married.