Relaxation… well, not yet

I’m finding it hard to relax today. Basically we’ve had a good past three days, where we slept in, worked on wedding stuff all day, and then read, watched TV, and I played Warcraft by night (including until 4am, last night). But despite all of our lists, I can’t seem to relax — I feel like even though we’ve mapped out the details of who’s putting what table where (and when) and our beautiful seating chart is done, something will crop up. I’m trying to make myself realize that at this point, anything that comes up can be handled in stride and that we’re done planning… I think. I just continue to feel like Saturday at about 5pm we’ll realize that we don’t have socks or something.

I finally today started spending some serious time looking into Greece and Turkey and preparing my language skills. So far I’ve got “Hello, how are you?”, “My name is Justin”, and “How much to buy all of your delicious spanakopita?” in Greek. Mmmm. I can’t wait. Our hotel in Athens is on Syntagma Square, which means easy access walking to tons of things we want to see. I’m trying to figure out if I should document some things at the end of each day or if I should just wait on all of it until we get back. But I need the vacation mentality now, since there’s actually not a lot of work we have to do between now and Saturday.

We’ll have to practice our dancing a bit more tonight, too. That is one little thing to stress about.

P.S. If you’re hungry, don’t look at this.

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