I thought I should post something before the end… er before the wedding that is. This past week has flown by, the past year has flown by. I can’t believe all that we have accomplished, this has to be the biggest thing I have ever done/involved myself in. And I am SO excited. I cannot wait for Saturday! I just don’t want it to all go by too quickly. Too bad there is no slow down button I can press.

The next two days are going to be busy. The moms, Justin and I are off to the vineyard today to have the final walk thru and hand over all the stuff. I think that is going to be refreshing since after that most things are out of our hands. Then tonight everyone starts coming into town.

YAY… I’m getting married!

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  1. Mike Says:

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    I hope your wedding was wonderful today. Congratulations. I get married at Jonathan Edwards next week.