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Preventing comment spam

Published on March 26, 2006

Just a note that I’ve installed a plugin on this blog that attempts to keep the comment spam down. Spammers are now leaving comments on blogs, and since we are having our wedding near a casino and both of Michelle’s parents are pharmacists, it makes it particularly difficult to filter based on some of the [...]

March Goals

Published on March 12, 2006

Well I am a little behind in the goal update from February… here we go:
February’s Goals:
*Save the date labels (DONE)
*Mail save the date cards (DONE)
*Michelle’s passport application (DONE)
*Justin’s passport application
*Bridesmaid dresses (DONE)
*Honeymoon search (almost there)
*DJ contract (DONE)
*Ceremony rough draft (DONE)
Alright so not that bad, got most of the stuff done. Now for March…
March Goals:
*Ring shop/purchase
*Invitation [...]

Miles and miles

Published on March 5, 2006

Michelle and I drove to Connecticut and back, plus about 200 miles in the middle, in about 48 hours. We’re a little tired, but we had a very productive weekend. We met with our Reverend, Alice; a potential DJ; and an event representative from a hotel that we’ve since selected for our guests. We were [...]

drive to CT

Published on March 4, 2006

We just got to CT from DC. Justin and I are spending the weekend meeting with the reverend, a potential dj, searching for hotels and trying out a rehearsal dinner possibility. Also we are hoping to spend saturday night dinner with KC, Marc and Jimmy. Then head back to DC on sunday, it feels like [...]