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Goals Revisited

Published on April 19, 2006

March didn’t go so well as far as getting stuff done, we have loads of excuses, but basically not as much got done as we had hoped. So with that said, I have done some goal revisions. Perhaps I am a little goal crazy… can you tell I work in the medical field where everything [...]

Ms. vs. Miss

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Alright so I am working on ordering invitations and that has me thinking about how I am going to address them… and the question I have is how do women like to have envelopes addressed is it Miss or Ms? I think Ms sounds to nondescript and snooty, but I think it is the official [...]

A place to stay and your choice of songs

Published on April 12, 2006

Whew… we’ve been pretty busy lately, and not entirely on wedding stuff, so this post is a bit overdue. We made a trip to CT (actually two driving trips in three weeks) and got a fair amount done, so now it’s time to fill you all in.
First, we have selected a hotel for our [...]