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Published on Thursday, May 19th, 2005 at 8:35 pm by Michelle

How do you start to write about yourself, seems easy enough…. perhaps if I start backward.

I currently live in Culpeper, VA, which is south of DC about 75 miles. But we are planning on moving August 1st to Columbia Heights which is a section of DC. I have been living in Culpeper about 2 years. I work with Culpeper Regional Hospital as a physical therapist. Most of the time I am working in Madison at our satellite clinic, but I help out at the hospital off and on and some weekends. I really like working here, my coworkers are great and my patients are fantastic. The Madison group is best yet, I am not sure how I am going to handle giving up fresh vegetables from my patient’s gardens. I really am going to miss everyone when I move, this place has been an excellent first job. So that means right now I am looking for a job, have an interview set up in 2 weeks, wish me luck. I think I am going to stick with outpatient orthopedics, however I may look into private practices while in DC, perhaps this is my chance to work with dancers.

Before I moved to Virginia, I was in Troy, New York attending school at Russell Sage College. It was here that I met Justin and a load of excellent people. The story of how we met has been written down on another page but it was my roommate Nicole that introduced me to Justin. I was at Sage for 6 years working on my masters in physical therapy. I am back there again, remotely this time, working on my doctorate. I had a great time in college, that is if you forget the studying/stressing/lack of sleep/never leaving RPI library part. Although even some of that was memorable, more so now that it is over. Really it was the other parts of college that I miss the most, burger night, game night, friday night dinners and just getting to spend time with friends.

High School: I attended East Catholic High School in Manchester, CT. This happened to be the same school that my mother and brother attended. East was the a great decision for me, I probably would have not gone to PT school if it hadn’t been for anatomy and physiology class. This is where I met my maid of honor and lots of other good friends, and I better see you guys all at the wedding. When I wasn’t in class or spending time with Jess or Lesley, I was probably dancing with Andrea.

Prior to that… schools in South Windsor, weekends and nights at dance classes, spending time with my family. My entire family still lives in Connecticut, which makes it kinda cool that I am able to go back home and have everything where it has always been. I get to go home some, not as much as I want, but with wedding planning more often then before. One of the best parts now of going home is being able to see my nephew. I am excited the wedding is taking place in CT close to family and friends. Best yet the wedding is in September, my favorite time of the year, the fall.

Well that is a brief history of me, hope I didn’t leave anything out.

12/05 Update:
Ok a quick update on where I am now… I moved out of Virginia in August and now I live in Washington DC, more specifically Columbia Heights. And it is fantastic living and working here. Being in DC there is always stuff to do and see, not to mention the baby panda practically living next door to me! And moving here we instantly moved into a great group of friends, all of Justin’s coworkers at Echoditto made us feel right at home instantly, they are great! On the job front, I now work at Georgetown University Hospital in the adult ortho outpatient department. This is a change for me as the population of people I see are much more varied then in Culpeper. Being on the GU campus I get to see students, athletes, business men, diplomats, etc… its very cool. School is finishing up and in a couple of weeks I will have my DPT and I think I’ll be done with school, at least for a year or so. Ok thats all the updating that I have to report.

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  1. Emily Says:

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    You left out the part where you’re really awesome. DUH!

  2. Michelle’s DAD Says:

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    also she forgot to say that she is high maintaince

  3. Brother Says:

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    Jimmy does like the thought that he is the main reason you come back to CT. (Any chance to see his “Crazy Aunt Michelle…”

  4. Abby Hunting Says:

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    Hi Michelle,

    No, you don’t know me! I am actually a fellow engaged person and I wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your wonderful photos that you have posted. I am not originally from CT but am planning to get married here, and if it weren’t for your site I would have never found the vineyard — and it’s EXACTLY what I have in mind for my wedding! My fiance and I visited it over the weekend and we are very excited at the prospect of having our wedding there. My only problem: I’m trying to figure out expenses. I know this is a strange request, but would you mind speaking to me about actual costs vs. estimates? I am nervous to commit without a “tried and true” account of finances for an event there. My email is ahunting@berlinschools.org. Thanks so much! Again, your website is fabulous! Abby

  5. Therapy New York Says:

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    You have a wonderful career as a physical therapist. I can tell that your patients really enjoy your work and it thoughtful of them to give you fresh vegetables from their garden. I think that everyone should take the opportunity to experience college life because I had a really good time. What did you guys eat on Friday dinner night?